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British Bulldog's Basic Body Builder

First Group:

Heavy Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Incline Flys on Machine
Flat Dumbell Flys
Cable Crossover
(Super Set with)
Pec Dec


Barbell Curl
Seated Alternate Dumbell Curl
Lying Cable Concentration Curl or
Single Arm Cable Curl
Preacher Curl

Second Group:

Wide Grip Chins
Pulldown Behind Neck
Narrow Grip Pulldown
Seated long Pulley
or Dumbell Row
T-Bar Row


Triceps Pushdown
EZ Tripecs Extension
Close Grip Bench Press
Single Arm Reverse Grip Pushdowns
Grip Pushdown
Dumbell Kickback

Third Group:

Press Behind Neck
Dumbell Laterals
Front Cable Raise
(Super Set With)
Side Cable Raise
Bentover Dumbell Laterals
Barbell or Dumbell Shrugs


Thigh Extension
Leg Press
Lying Squat on Machine
Hack Squat
or Front Squat
Lying Thigh Curl
Standing Thigh Curl
Seated Calf Raises
Standing Calf Raises

The British Bulldog's Basic Body Builder You need a strong body to be The British Bulldog, and it takes a serious commitment to the gym to maintain a physique like Davey Boy Smith's. Long known as the strongest man in professional wrestling, Davey has been known to bench press five hundred pounds, just for fun.

Davey Boy has put together a tape called "The British Bulldog's Basic Body Builder" which shows you his techniques, and training regimen developed over 20 years.

The British Bulldog's Basic Body Builder teaches you the techniques to use in the gym to sculpt, tone, and build your muscles.

Pro-Wrestler Davey Boy Smith and Diana Hart Smith take you through their three day program step by step.

Developed by Davey Boy Smith using 20 years of weight training experience.

An excellent program for anyone who wants to look and feel great...from beginners to experienced body builders, men and women.

PLUS...get up close and personal with the British Bulldog and his wife Diana in one-on-one interviews and a look at the making of a wrestling legend.

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