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What a Hero!

By Gill Swan, The Daily Mirror
August 31, 1991

Davey Boy Smith had dreamed of wearing the gleaming golden belt of champions.

But now his vision looked like it was being cruelly shattered.

His Beautiful wife watched helpless and ashen-faced at the ringside as the British Bulldog lay pinned to the canvas, painful defeat staring him in his sweat streaked face.

He was at the mercy of the opponent he had most dreaded having to meet.

Where was Winston, his assistant? Alas, the faithful bulldog, trained to nimp the ankles of his master's brawny foes wasn't there to help. He was back home in Florida, banned by Britain's anti-rabies laws.

The odds looked hopeless. That dream was fading fast. Desperately, Davey Boy fought his way free.

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